Contacting SEGA to Patch the Controls

After playing the HD release of NiGHTS into Dreams on the PS3 and 360 it’s clear that it has some control issues.

Many people say it’s the equivalent of 8 directions, like the d-pad, and although I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it does explain the issue.

On the one hand it’s very easy to fly in a straight line because the analogue stick will not register the small movements. On the other hand it’s incredibly hard to fine tune your direction or keep a smooth flow. Very often I will miss chips, rings and link balls because the direction of NiGHTS will not change at all or will change too much!

For a game and franchise that I love so much it’s hard to live with the frustrating controls, and that’s why I am asking all NiGHTS fans to contact SEGA and ask them to patch the controls.

Use the links below to send them a message by clicking “submit a request”:

Sega of America:
Sega of Europe and other countries:

I would ask that you send me a copy of the message so I can accumulate them and show SEGA how much support there is for a patch.

You can also discuss it on the various forums…the more the better…

Sega America thread thread forums

Below are a couple of videos that fans have made to demonstrate the issue:

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