Patch is out for 360!!!

Today SEGA released a patch for the 360 version of NiGHTS into Dreams HD, which greatly improves the analog controls and speed of NiGHTS. I just played through every level and can honestly say it plays just like the Sega Saturn version. Sure there are still a few minor differences that you will notice, but the core gameplay is smooth and effortless. This version is better than the PS2 version mostly because of the speed increase; you can now get links that you could only get in the Sega Saturn before.

Go get it and let me know what you think!

PS: For all you PC fans out there SEGA is still working on that version so don’t worry, it will be coming out as soon as it’s ready.

EDIT: I thought the PS3 was updated at the same time but it looks like it hasn’t been…hopefully in the next week or so…

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