Congrats CatGoneCrazy for breaking 1M on Spring Valley!!!

This morning I received an email from CatGoneCrazy, one of the top players on the xbla version, and much to my surprise he shattered the world record on Spring Valley! 1,029,980

On the Sega Saturn the highest score I was able to achieve was 896K, so to beat it by 130K is pretty dang impressive!

If you’re wondering how it was done it was mainly due to Mare 3 where you can pull off the stunt ribbon glitch and get tons of dreamies. Cat has found a way to perfect it on the xbla!

Now that I’ve seen the potential scores I’ve got a huge boost of motivation to play it more often. It’s great to see players embrace this game and challenge one another.

So is there anyone else here trying to get to the top of the leaderboards?

Below are some pics of Cat’s record!

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