Spring Valley

The first Dream for Claris is Spring Valley ~the Ideal.

Here is a video with commentary along with a more detailed description for each mare below.

Spring Valley Strategy on YouTube

Pre Mare Chip Collection

At the start of Spring Valley you want to collect at least 10-12 chips before you dualize with NiGHTS as you can only collect 10 chips before the ideya capture. The fastest way is to head down the hill to the left towards the bridge where you will collect the first 3. Then you can turn around towards the tree on the hill for 2 hidden chips. Then you can double jump off the floating rock to collect 7 chips in the air. This will give you 12 chips to start Mare 1.

Mare 1

Spring Valley Mare 1 Map

Mare 1 Map for Spring Valley

Assuming you have 10-12 chips you will want to collect the remaining 10 chips at the start to break open the ideya capture. If you are fast enough you should reach the capture in 20 seconds and get a bonus of 10,000 points. Now you can start the x2 multiplier!

There are two strategies for Mare 1, the 28 link going to the right or the the reverse infinite link going to the left. If you take a look at the map you will see that the 28 link is fairly straightforward as you paraloop the first set of 11 chips and stars, then the 3 stars, then the 3 chips, the 2 chips, the 4 rings, and the final 6 rings.

The reverse infinite link to the left is a little more difficult to pull off. You basically do everything the same in reverse, but the hard part is paralooping the 11 chips and stars and carrying them over the ideya palace and linking them with the rings. Depending on the speed and size of your paraloop you will carry the chips and stars differently so you need to find the right balance to carry them over to the rings.

Mare 2

Spring Valley Mare 2 Map - 1 of 2

Mare 2 Map for Spring Valley - 1 of 2

The second mare involves some wind gusts at the start, but if you get the hang of it you can achieve a 20 link at the start of each lap. You want to link the 3 chips, 2 rings, 3 chips, 2 rings, 2 rings and the group of 9 chips and stars. This link will also give you 12 chips towards the ideya capture so all you need to do is collect the next 3 beside the capture as well as the chip cage above. You should be able to do this in 20 seconds to get a time bonus of 10,000 points.

Spring Valley Mare 2 Map - 2 of 2

Mare 2 Map for Spring Valley - 2 of 2

The second half of mare 2 has a tricky but achievable 43 link. If you take a look at the map you will get an idea of how this can be done. You start off by collecting the 5 chips and 2 rings, and then you head straight up to paraloop the 6 stars and 1 chip. Next you head through the 10 rings and paraloop the 2 stars and 4 chips toward the big tree. As you fly around the big tree you can actually perform a large paraloop, so the trick is to collect the 9 chips and paraloop in the 3 stars as you go through the final 2 rings. The hardest part is probably the paraloop around the big tree as you need to go through the green Dash Panel and get the angle just right to close the loop. I find that if you go too straight it won’t work.

Mare 3

Spring Valley Mare 3 Map - 1 of 2

Mare 3 Map for Spring Valley - 1 of 2

The third mare has only 20 chips before the ideya capture so you will need to collect them all to get a fast bonus time. You need to grab the first 3 before heading through the rings, where you will grab the second set of 3. Then you want to keep flying to the right to collect the chip cage. Note that you do not want to fly this way on future laps as it is faster to quickly turn left and use the dash panel.

Next you have the option of using the first stunt ribbon without the 2x multiplier, or you can go ahead and grab the next 6 chips that go around the rock column and speed towards the ideya capture. I believe it’s a better option to use the stunt ribbon first because you will not have enough time to get it later with the 2x multiplier.

Spring Valley Mare 3 Map - 2 of 2

Mare 3 Map for Spring Valley - 2 of 2

After the ideya capture you have the second stunt ribbon to rack up points. Originally I used to use this stunt ribbon on the ceiling towards the left, but I am now in the habit of using it to the right as it gives me a little more time to fly through the course and collect more along the way. If you go the left you can run tight on time as you are back tracking.

Mare 4

Spring Valley Mare 4 Map - 1 of 2

Mare 4 Map for Spring Valley - 1 of 2

The start of the fourth mare has a fun 45 link before the wind gust that takes you up the mountain. You start by paralooping the 11 chips/stars, then you go through the first yellow ring and paraloop the 3 chips as you fly through the bottom of the second yellow ring. This will take you towards the orange rings which you can continue around the rock column. You will then finish the link with the final set of  9 chips/stars. Unfortunately you cannot continue this link up the wind gust so you will star the next link up there.

Spring Valley Mare 4 Map - 2 of 2

Mare 4 Map for Spring Valley - 2 of 2

Once you reach the top of the mountain you can collect 4 stars before heading through the rings. You will also need to collect at least one chip before the ideya capture as you will only have 19 at this point.  It will take about 20 seconds to reach the capture so you can get a time bonus of about 10,000 points. During your future laps you will want to try getting a 23 link at the top of the mountain. Before you end your lap make sure you take a second to collect your star bonus above the ideya palace.

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  1. Great article. I do have a question, however. Where did these maps come from? They look as if they’re magazine scans. Please e-mail me back with the answer.

    Much obliged,

    Filipe Monteiro

    • Charlie (admin) says:

      Hey Filipe, sorry for the late reply – it got held up in my spam folder 🙁

      Yes, these are scans from a Japanese strategy book I have. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of it because it’s in Japanese, but it’s one of the smaller books. I usually see them on eBay if you ever wanted to get one.


  2. SailorSonic says:

    This is a very good staregy guide.

    Thanks for making it.

    Can you show me what the japanese guide books look like?

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