Mystic Forest

The second dream for Claris is Mystic Forest ~the Possibility.

Here is a video with commentary and below is a more detailed description with maps.

Mystic Forest Strategy on YouTube

Pre Mare Chip Collection

At the start of Mystic Forest you want to collect 13 chips before starting Mare 1 as you can only collect 7 chips before reaching the ideya capture. To get the 13 chips you want to head straight past the ideya palace and in that little gully you want to double jump to get 3, then get 3 more on the wooden log bridge, and then head straight down the hill where you can stand on a platform and jump off to get 7 more. You can then head over to the ideya palace and if you are fast enough you can do this before the alarm clock even appears.

Mare 1

Mystic Forest Mare 1 Map

Mare 1 Map for Mystic Forest

If you collected 13 chips before starting Mare 1 you can grab the final 7 right before the ideya palace. You’ll probably want to take out the nightmaren that hangs out around there too as it will usually attack you during the rest of your laps. This mare has a forward infinite link and it starts out with the 3 stars and link ball through the rings, but it gets tricky when you have to paraloop the 7 chips and carry them up towards the next set of 6 stars. It’s very easy to lose the link here, either by missing the chips, collecting all of the chips, or losing the link by the time you reach the stars. It is also possible to lose the link through the bouncy rubber vines if you do not stay straight through the 2 sets of stars, and it it also possible to lose the link going over the ideya capture when you connect the 3 chips at the end with the 3 stars at the start.

Mare 2

Mystic Forest Mare 2 Map - 1 of 2

Mare 2 Map for Mystic Forest - 1 of 2

Going into Mare 2 you will only have 20 chips before the ideya capture so you will need to collect them all to open it quickly on your first lap. There is 3 after the first set of rings, then another 5 as you go through the dash panel and under the gate, then 7 hidden chips that will appear when you paraloop the 4 stars, and then 5 more chips in a row. During your the remainder of your laps you want to go for a 28 link here starting with the 5 chips under the sign, then connecting it with the 4 stars/7 chips above, followed by the 3 stars and 5 chips, and finally the 2 yellow rings and 3 stars before you go under the next sign.

Mystic Forest Mare 2 Map - 2 of 2

Mare 2 Map for Mystic Forest - 2 of 2

During the second half of this mare you want to focus on the link ball, which requires a 7 link, as well as continuing your link to the ideya palace. The link ball can be opened by going through the 8 rings and you can continue your link by missing the dash panel and going for the 2 stars. If you have to break through the platform to get to the 2 stars it’s ok as it will not slow you down much. You can then continue the link as you head towards the bouncy vines, the same as in Mare 1.

When you complete Mare 2 it is important to carry at least 1 chip into the next mare as you will only have 19 available before you reach the ideya capture. You can do this by paralooping the 3 chips on your last lap and entering the ideya palace before you collect them. If you collect those 3 chips inside the ideya palace they will count towards the next mare (this is also how the max link glitch is achieved for mares 2/3/4, so we only record the max link for mare 1 in our score tables).

Mare 3

Mystic Forest Mare 3 Map - 1 of 2

Mare 3 Map for Mystic Forest - 1 of 2

Starting Mare 3 you want to ensure you brought 1 chip with you from Mare 2. You will then head to the left collecting another 3 chips as well as the chip cage. At this point you want to start heading to the right and collect the remaining chips to get 20 just before the ideya capture.

Mystic Forest Mare 3 Map - 2 of 2

Mare 3 Map for Mystic Forest - 2 of 2

After the ideya capture you will start heading through the switches that open and close the hidden cave. As long as you hit them all, or an odd number of switches, you will be able to enter the cave, which includes a stunt ribbon, link ball and many stars. Personally I like to get the stunt ribbon and head back outside the cave to perform the stunts. This will allow you to continue the mare above ground and collect a second stunt ribbon. By taking advantage of this you can have 6 stunt ribbons in 3 laps, although your time will be very tight so you will need to rush through the entire mare to pull it off.

Mare 4

Mystic Forest Mare 4 Map - 1 of 3

Mare 4 Map for Mystic Forest - 1 of 3

The final mare starts very similarly to Mare 2 and you can basically collect the 20 chips the same way as before, including the 28 link that is achieved between the 2 signs. Not much more to say on this first section.

Mystic Forest Mare 4 Map - 2 of 3

Mare 4 Map for Mystic Forest - 2 of 3

After you pass under the second sign you will head towards the overhead section. If you already have the 20 chips you will want to head diagonally towards the ideya capture and open it to get your time bonus and start the x2 multiplier. At this point you can start the 40+ link by heading to the left and paralooping the 7 chips and going through the rings. As you go through the fourth ring you want to continue the link by paraloop the 4 chips and carrying them over to the next set of rings. After this you can paraloop the half circle rings and paraloop the hidden chips in the same spot. At this point you can exit the overhead section by going through the rings, chips and dash panel.

Mystic Forest Mare 4 Map - 3 of 3

Mare 4 Map for Mystic Forest - 3 of 3

Don’t stop that link yet, as you can continue it through the next 5 rings before the dash panel. Something that interests me is the 6 stars and 2 yellow rings that are above the dash panel. Before I did this article and scanned the maps from a book I had no idea that they existed up there, so my thought is it’s possible to include them in the link, bringing it over 50 links. It might even be possible to paraloop these stars over to the next set of 4 stars. This is something I will have to experiment with. It’s amazing I’m still learning about this game after such a long time! 🙂

Don’t forget to get your star bonus at the end of Mare 4 as well. This is the same for all dreams.

2 Responses to Mystic Forest

  1. blackrabite says:

    Heya, charlie! Just thought I’d take a gander at some of these awesome strat guides you’ve made! I’m on a Saturn kick right now, so these are awesome as refreshers!

    Also, for the bouncy vines in Mares 1 & 2, if you press the dash button right when you collide, you can launch off of the vines and save about a second each lap instead of allowing for the full animation. This will allow you to complete a full final lap in Mare 1, as opposed to just getting the link ball and doubling back. You may find you have an easier time maintaining the link through there as well!

    • Charlie (admin) says:

      Thanks blackrabite! I’ll have to try dashing through the bouncy vines. I wasn’t aware it was faster to hold the dash button, although I think I always have trouble staying straight and keeping my link through there.

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