Mystic Forest could reach 1 Million

Working hard on Mystic Forest and Soft Museum, Charlie improved some of his personal and site records. The potential for Mystic Forest is now over 1 million so we’ll see if he can do it! 🙂

Here’s a picture of his Mystic Forest Mare 3 record, 262,910 points.

Mystic Forest 262910

Mystic Forest 262910

Edit: Here’s a picture of his new record, 979300, oh so close to 1 million!

Mystic Forest Site Record 979300

Mystic Forest Site Record 979300

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Welcome to new members Nemoide and iLLViLLAiN

We have a couple of new members, Nemoide and iLLViLLAiN, from the forums, and both have submitted a full set of scores. Good luck guys on your scores!

If you are reading this and haven’t submitted your scores yet you need to head on over to our forums and do it now! 🙂

I am also continuing to work on the Mystic Forest Strategy Page and have uploaded a video with commentary. I just need to do some more scans for the maps and add some details for each mare.

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Spring Valley Strategy Posted

Take a look at the Spring Valley Strategy Page, which includes a video with commentary and maps of Claris’ first Dream.

I will continue to work on the other strategy pages and if you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment on the page or in the forums.

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Score Submission Forum Updated!

With being spammed like crazy and for fear of losing years of score submissions and strategy I have started to copy their forum posts over to forums.

Currently all of the score submission posts have been copied over one by one (over 40 different players).

For any of you that come over from and sign up here I can change the post so you are considered the author.

Next, I will start working on the Strategy sections. Good thing I have the week off work! 🙂

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A new site is born!

Welcome to, a site dedicated to achieving the top scores and strategy for NiGHTS into Dreams.

For years we used to submit scores at, but unfortunately it has been a dying cause. I helped take care of it for a while, but when the spammers started taking over the forums I didn’t have access to clean it up, and I couldn’t get a hold of the owner or other moderator, so I shut it down and decided that our fan base could use a new site for submitting high scores and discussing strategy.

All of the scores that were posted on have been migrated over to so there is no need to worry about lost scores.

I will also work on migrating the forum posts over so we can preserve those as well.

Hope you all enjoy it here and please leave your comments 🙂

Charlie (admin)

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