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 Post subject: Submitting your scores
PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:13 pm 
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To submit your scores please start a thread with your username, something like this:

"Charlie - High Scores"

Then copy/paste text at the bottom of this post with all your scores entered next to it. As you get new records you can add a new post to your thread with the new scores. I will reply to each post to let you know I've updated the scores on the site.

You are welcome to submit your scores as often as you would like, and if I haven't replied to your previous post yet please go ahead and edit it so there is only one set of scores for me to work from.

Feel free to share some background about your scores and anything that may have happed during your run, like a near miss or mistake. The more you submit the better it will be when you look back on your first set of scores and realize how far you've come.

Please try to submit your scores like "12345" instead of "12,345" as the "," will need to be deleted when entered into the site.

To find the max links they are in the same spot as your mare scores, you just need to press C to switch to links. You can also find the boss times in the Options screen under Nightmaren and Best Times.

Also, this forum is primarily for submitting your high scores so please try keep your strategy and off topic posts in the other sections.

Here is the standard layout for NiGHTS into Dreams:

Spring Valley
SV1 - (This is your score for the 1st mare)
SV2 - (This is the 2nd mare)
SV3 -
SV4 -
SVT - (This is your total score)
Mare 1 max link - (This is your highest link in the 1st mare)

Mystic Forest
MF1 -
MF2 -
MF3 -
MF4 -
Mare 1 max link -

Soft Museum
SM1 -
SM2 -
SM3 -
SM4 -
Mare 1 max link -

Splash Garden
SG1 -
SG2 -
SG3 -
SG4 -
Mare 1 max link -

Frozen Bell
FB1 -
FB2 -
FB3 -
FB4 -
Mare 1 max link -

Stick Canyon
SC1 -
SC2 -
SC3 -
SC4 -
Mare 1 max link -

Twin Seeds
TS1 -
TS2 -
TS3 -
TS4 -

Boss Times
Gillwing -
Puffy -
Claws -
Reala -
Jackle -
Gulpo -
Wizeman -

Xmas NiGHTS - Elliot's Dream
XM1E -
XM2E -
XM3E -
XM4E -
Mare 1 max link -

Xmas NiGHTS - Claris' Dream
XM1C -
XM2C -
XM3C -
XM4C -
Mare 1 max link -

Link Attack -
Time Attack -
Sonic into Dreams Pia -
Sonic into Dreams Mare -

Here is the standard layout for Journey of Dreams:

Pure Valley
PV1 - (This is the 1st mission in Pure Valley, the Chase Mission)
PV2 - (This is the 2nd mission in Pure Valley, the Link Challenge)
PV3 - (etc...)
PV4 -
PV5 -

Lost Park
LP1 -
LP2 -
LP3 -
LP4 -
LP5 -

Delight City
DC1 -
DC2 -
DC3 -
DC4 -
DC5 -

Bellbridge Will

Aqua Garden
AG1 -
AG2 -
AG3 -
AG4 -
AG5 -

Crystal Castle
CC1 -
CC2 -
CC3 -
CC4 -
CC5 -

Memory Forest
MF1 -
MF2 -
MF3 -
MF4 -
MF5 -

Bellbridge Helen

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