New Records from Holty48!

Splash Garden 774,960 pts :

Frozen Bell 1,187,700 pts :

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New Records from Malan!

Spring Valley 993,440 pts :

Mystic Forest 990,160 pts :

Soft Museum 1,041,080 pts :

Splash Garden 747,080 pts :

Frozen Bell 1,155,900 pts :

Stick Canyon 812,120 pts :

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HD Remake Scores Now Added

The site has now been updated to include the HD Remake Scores, which will combine the PS3/PSN, 360/XBLA and PC versions. As far as we know they all play relatively the same.

For the time being we just have some boss times from Miles and nsm0220, so please submit your scores if you want to be on our leaderboards.

Note that we will not be including any of the online scores at this time, as there is no easy way to keep track of them, so we will only display the scores submitted in our forums.

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PC version is out and Miles still owns the bosses!

Check out Miles video of speed running the bosses in the PC HD remake…amazing!

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Congrats CatGoneCrazy for breaking 1M on Spring Valley!!!

This morning I received an email from CatGoneCrazy, one of the top players on the xbla version, and much to my surprise he shattered the world record on Spring Valley! 1,029,980

On the Sega Saturn the highest score I was able to achieve was 896K, so to beat it by 130K is pretty dang impressive!

If you’re wondering how it was done it was mainly due to Mare 3 where you can pull off the stunt ribbon glitch and get tons of dreamies. Cat has found a way to perfect it on the xbla!

Now that I’ve seen the potential scores I’ve got a huge boost of motivation to play it more often. It’s great to see players embrace this game and challenge one another.

So is there anyone else here trying to get to the top of the leaderboards?

Below are some pics of Cat’s record!

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Patch is now out for PS3 as well!!!

Go get it 🙂

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Patch is out for 360!!!

Today SEGA released a patch for the 360 version of NiGHTS into Dreams HD, which greatly improves the analog controls and speed of NiGHTS. I just played through every level and can honestly say it plays just like the Sega Saturn version. Sure there are still a few minor differences that you will notice, but the core gameplay is smooth and effortless. This version is better than the PS2 version mostly because of the speed increase; you can now get links that you could only get in the Sega Saturn before.

Go get it and let me know what you think!

PS: For all you PC fans out there SEGA is still working on that version so don’t worry, it will be coming out as soon as it’s ready.

EDIT: I thought the PS3 was updated at the same time but it looks like it hasn’t been…hopefully in the next week or so…

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Contacting SEGA to Patch the Controls

After playing the HD release of NiGHTS into Dreams on the PS3 and 360 it’s clear that it has some control issues.

Many people say it’s the equivalent of 8 directions, like the d-pad, and although I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it does explain the issue.

On the one hand it’s very easy to fly in a straight line because the analogue stick will not register the small movements. On the other hand it’s incredibly hard to fine tune your direction or keep a smooth flow. Very often I will miss chips, rings and link balls because the direction of NiGHTS will not change at all or will change too much!

For a game and franchise that I love so much it’s hard to live with the frustrating controls, and that’s why I am asking all NiGHTS fans to contact SEGA and ask them to patch the controls.

Use the links below to send them a message by clicking “submit a request”:

Sega of America:
Sega of Europe and other countries:

I would ask that you send me a copy of the message so I can accumulate them and show SEGA how much support there is for a patch.

You can also discuss it on the various forums…the more the better…

Sega America thread thread forums

Below are a couple of videos that fans have made to demonstrate the issue:

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NiGHTS into Dreams is out Today!!!

Go get it!!! 🙂 I’m downloading the 2GB file now and I hope to have a mini-review of it in the next few days! Let me know what you guys think of it in the forums!

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New gameplay video for NiGHTS HD

To me it looks more and more like the PS2 version, as there are even subtle things like the way NiGHTS collides with the ceiling and floor or the dash panels that I doubt they could recreate without copying the PS2 code. If that’s the case I’m a bit worried that I won’t like this re-release, but hopefully it will turn out to be better. Also, the guys in this video know very little about NiGHTS and it’s frustrating to watch them play so badly.

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