A new site is born!

Welcome to nidscores.com, a site dedicated to achieving the top scores and strategy for NiGHTS into Dreams.

For years we used to submit scores at scoreattack.net, but unfortunately it has been a dying cause. I helped take care of it for a while, but when the spammers started taking over the forums I didn’t have access to clean it up, and I couldn’t get a hold of the owner or other moderator, so I shut it down and decided that our fan base could use a new site for submitting high scores and discussing strategy.

All of the scores that were posted on scoreattack.net have been migrated over to nidscores.com so there is no need to worry about lost scores.

I will also work on migrating the forum posts over so we can preserve those as well.

Hope you all enjoy it here and please leave your comments 🙂

Charlie (admin)

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